Compact Robot Palletiser

The Scott compact robot palletiser system provides the flexibility to palletise a range of products efficiently and accurately while reducing labour and manual handling. The compact design enables the system to be integrated into your existing production space, allowing installation and commissioning with minimum disruption.

CO18 AF1

The flexibility of the design allows either a single or double cell to be installed and customisability ensures that a variety of products can be palletised using standard pallets. The Compact Robot Palletiser ensures the repeatability of the pallet pattern and reduces manual handling injuries associated with the repetitive motion of palletising with a production line operator.

  • Palletise up to 30 cartons (or 20 trays) per minute, 5 picks per minute at 6 cartons per pick when operating at maximum specifications.
  • Max height of stack: 2.4m.
  • Product weight up to 80kg per pick.
  • Customisable to suit your product range.
  • Single or double cell options.
  • Roller doors or light curtains for safety and ease of use.
  • System is available as: Ex-Works (built at Scott, for you to collect) or Turnkey (built at Scott followed by installation at your site).
  • IIOT capability via ethernet, allowing line operators to monitor the equipment including data collection.
  • Option to add depalletising to the system.


  • Decreased labour costs
  • Increased production output
  • Reduced product damage
  • Accuracy - product handled with automated repeatability
  • Production efficiency
  • Reduced risk of damaged product in transit
  • Improved health & safety


The Compact Robot Palletiser consists of the following:

  • Robot with Scott tooling for product handling (tool is customisable if needed)
  • Single infeed conveyor
  • Advanced safety fencing with reverse guillotine guarding to separate the robot from each cell
  • Rapid roller door of light curtains


The Compact Robot Palletiser uses the following process:

  • Operator manually places an empty pallet into both sides of the robot cell
  • Operator selects the pallet pattern and starts production
  • Robot will pick the product and place in the correct pattern on the pallet
  • Once the pallet is completed, the reverse guillotine safety guarding will raise, safely separating the cell from the robot the allowing the operator to remove the completed pallet while the robot continues palletising in the second cell
  • Cycle repeats

Pallet Sizes:

The Compact Robot Palletiser can palletise a variety of pallet sizes and can be changed out as needed to suit your needs:

  • European............(1200mm x 800mm)
  • Australian...........(1165mm x 1165mm)
  • NZ/Asia.............. (1100mm x 1100mm)
  • ISO/Export......... (1200mm x 1000mm)
  • USA.....................(1217mm x 1017mm)

Scott compact robot palletiser

Compact Robot Palletiser Hero

Palletising for a Personal Hygiene Provider: Low Cost, Small Footprint, Big Benefit

In late 2019 Scott designed, built and installed our new Compact Robot Palletiser system for a leading personal hygiene company in Australia.

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The install had no impact on their existing production line and with the system being safe and easy to operate as well as easy to maintain it has surpassed the customers' expectations."

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