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Scott´s robot palletisers provide the flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously, markedly increasing output and decreasing overhead costs. They are available with a range of various grippers, enabling them also to pick up empty pallets and interlayer sheets.

RO58 E11

When do we prefer a robot as the ideal palletising solution?

Many aspects play a role in this issue. In general, robots are great where there are multiple production lines running at moderate speeds. They are also great for complex moves, such as palletising buckets with lids and handles, or with pallet patterns with a chimney where it is necessary to put an extra pack inside the chimney vertically.

A huge advantage of a robot palletiser solution is, as long as the capacity allows it, its ability to pick up empty pallets and interlayer sheets thus reducing the need for additional conveyors and manipulators.

Scott has a complete range of various robot grippers, some of them are able to pick up whole layers.

We integrate robots from all renowned brands based on customer´s preference and our recommendation.


  • High flexibility of pallet build formats
  • Movements possible in 6 degrees of freedom
  • Simultaneously palletising of several lines
  • Gripper is able to put layer pads between layers
  • Careful and accurate handling of products by a tailor-made gripper

Scott robotic end-of-line palletising system for cases

Internal transport and palletising system for bins

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