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Developed by farmers, for farmers,
SCOTT® Milktech’s automated system delivers leading-edge technology straight to the milking shed

SCOTT® Milktech has developed an automated system to aid milking that offers farmers significant labour and lifestyle benefits. Designed for New Zealand’s pastoral farming models, it presents the most compelling economic advantage for farms with large herds of more than 500 cows.

Cupping of the cows, the most time-intensive task in mechanised milking, is performed robotically utilising revolutionary robotics and vision technology. The system enables farmers to reduce labour costs, and reallocate resources to other elements of the dairying process.

The Milktech system can be installed in new dairy conversions or retrofitted to existing rotary dairy sheds with minimal disruption.

 System Benefits

  • Reduced labour costs – In sheds that typically operate with two milkers (herds over 500), it is feasible to substitute at least one full time equivalent with a robot.
  • Improved animal husbandry – Reallocation of resources can ensure increased attention to critical matters of animal husbandry.
  • Gains in productivity and efficiency – When optimised, the Milktech system will make a significant contribution to the productivity and efficiency of each farm, and has the potential to revolutionise performance across the New Zealand dairying sector.
  • Lifestyle advantages – Automation reduces the physical demands on farmers, with no corresponding reduction in revenue.

 Technology for an evolving industry

This system has been developed in recognition of the changing face of dairying in New Zealand and the economic challenges of operating within that industry. The average New Zealand herd size is increasing, meaning farms are becoming larger-scale operations with more waged employees demanding better rates of pay.

The uptake of technology such has rotary sheds and automatic cup removal has already had a positive effect on the efficiency of labour, and automated cupping represents an opportunity to make further improvements in this area, with the potential to substantially increase the profitability of farms.

 About the System

The product consists of leading edge technology including: an industrial robot, a MESA 3D time of flight camera, proprietary vision and analysis software developed on a C++ platform, proprietary hardware and software that interfaces with the rotary platform, a tail deflector and a milking cups receipt locator.

Tried and Tested in The Field

The SCOTT Milktech product has been in development since 2008. It has been developed in the field from the earliest practicable time on a herd of 15 cows and the system has been integrated into a Waikato Milking Systems rotary shed. The product concept is proven, the prototype built and the system is operating to a minimum set of design parameters.

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