Lamb Automation

Lamb Processing

SCOTT® custom build dedicated automation products that recognise the unique characteristics of the lamb processing industry.

Product Variability

SCOTT has solved variable lamb carcass problems through automation that adjusts to the most extreme carcass variations. This is an industry first and a challenge that other machinery manufacturers throughout the world have attempted for decades without success.


Lamb is a premium product and SCOTT automation adds to the "per carcass" bottom line. Minimising waste and improving cut accuracy beyond human capabilities gives SCOTT a cutting edge which extends to:

  • Reducing saw dust - SCOTT utilise circular cutting blades, rather than bandsaws to minimize sawdust waste and improve hygiene.
  • Improved cut accuracy - Automated visual and X-ray systems position cutting lines precisely to deliver greater yields from high value product.


Commonplace occupational safety hazards within the meat processing industry are caused by using bandsaws and heavy lifting. Specialist automation equipment can help to alleviate some of these safety issues.

Staff Flexibility

Deployment of experienced staff in the most appropriate areas is made possible by automation. High risk injury jobs can be eliminated and higher staff retention and reduced staff training costs may result.