Meat Processing

Beef Processing

SCOTT® are proven market leaders in delivering innovative meat processing solutions that address specific meat boning concerns within the beef processing industry. Through strategic partnerships we have honed our skills in diverse real-time environments and our adaptive approach to product development ensures our global market leader status. Benefits identified with SCOTT automated systems include:

  • Yield: Optimising yield in boning operations is critical to profitability. SCOTT automated systems minimise human input on key yield decisions, which makes it possible to maintain consistently high performance levels throughout a shift.
  • Safety: SCOTT automation systems effectively reduce manual input in such 'high risk' tasks as band saw portioning, as well as repetitive strain injury caused by heavy lifting.
  • Ease of Installation: SCOTT design and manufacture sustainable easy-care systems that can be installed and maintained in the vast majority of existing boning room operations. Modifications are rarely needed.
  • Throughput Efficiency: The SCOTT team solve boning room "bottleneck" problems such as bandsaw cutting, resulting in increased processing speed and efficiency.
  • Food Safety and Quality Assurance: Automation reduces manual handling of products, which contributes to reduced contamination and maintains higher quality assurance standards throughout carcass processing.