Meat Processing

Beef Boning Unit

SCOTT® have designed and manufactured a world class beef boning unit with a manual-assist mechanical arm. Independent cost/benefit studies have computed an increased net profit of up to $4.65 per processed beef carcass, which culminates in an estimated investment payback period (based on the average plant throughput) of less than 12 months.

The manual-assist mechanical arm is directed at making "aitchbone" and "knuckle" removal less physically demanding. The arm provides the additional pulling force an operator requires for rail-boning.

Independent evaluation has identified the following proven benefits:

  • Yield gain per carcass
  • Occupational health and safety improvements
  • Staff retention and recruitment
  • Reduced work load that facilitates sustainable performance
  • Operational simplicity
  • Adaptable to most boning rails
  • Increased boning efficiency
  • Minimal footprint

Highly innovatory products currently being developed are:

  • Heavy Bone Slicing: Developing new products to assist with heavy labour intensive beef boning tasks that provide meat processors with a competitive advantage through improved yields, safety and flexible options is ongoing. Additional development work on heavy bone slicing is in progress.