Investor Contacts / Links

Investor Contacts

  • Share Registrar

    SCOTT®'s Share Registar is Link Market Services Limited. General Enquiries can be directed to:

    Link Market Services
    PO Box 384
    Ashburton 7740
    Tel +64 3 308 8887

    Please assist our registrar by quoting your CSN or shareholder number.

  • Manage Your Shareholding online

    To change your address, update your payment instructions and to view your investment portfolio, please visit


  • Corporate Contact

    Other questions should be directed to SCOTT's Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary:

    Greg Chiles
    Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
    Scott Technology Ltd
    Private Bag 1960
    Dunedin 9054
    New Zealand
    Tel +64 3 478 8110