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Appointment of General Manager

12:00AM, 17 Jun 2005 | GENERAL


The Chief Executive of Scott Technology Ltd, Mr. Kevin Kilpatrick, is pleased
to announce the appointment of Mr. Chris Hopkins, formerly Chief Financial
Officer, to the position of General Manager. This appointment follows a
review of the company's operating structure and will strengthen corporate
management in line with the company's continued growth and development needs.
Associated with this appointment, Mr. Mark Jackson, formerly Company
Accountant, has been appointed to the position of Finance Manager. Mr.
Jackson will assume the financial control and reporting responsibilities
previously held by Mr. Hopkins.

This reassignment of corporate responsibilities builds upon existing
management strengths freeing the Chief Executive of general management
demands to focus more intently upon business innovation and development
including design and marketing. The General Manager will report directly to
the Chief Executive and will assume responsibility for the operational
management of the company.

The company is currently producing a number of production systems for
installation at various points of the globe and new sales prospects continue
to be strong. However margins remain under significant pressure and these
appointments form an initial part of a strategy designed to raise the
company's performance and competitiveness through refined design engineering,
cost reduction and efficiency improvement measures in order to achieve
improved profitability within the company's global business environment.

Kevin Kilpatrick
Chief Executive Officer