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Establishment of Shanghai Office

12:00AM, 22 Jan 2003 | GEN

Scott Technology Ltd has established a representative office within the
Peoples Republic of China.

The establishment of the representative office, within the Hong Qiao
business district of Shanghai, aligns with Scott Technology's Christchurch
based appliance business "geographic diversification" strategy. It further
develops the company's presence within the market and will strengthen
business opportunities within the Peoples Republic of China and within Asia
in general.

Shanghai is the hub of appliance production in China with 60 percent of the
country's production being within a few hours drive radius of the city.
Shanghai is a dynamic commercial center that provides Scott Technology with
a "centralised" location from which to conduct the company's business
activity within the national and international region.

Domestic appliance production within the Peoples Republic of China
continues to grow at a high rate in response to developing local
consumption and export demand. This growth is expected to continue for the
foreseeable future providing a long-term market potential for the company
that may exceed that of the United States of America.