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Joint Venture Between SCT & PPCS Ltd

12:00AM, 4 Nov 2002 | GEN

Scott Automation Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Scott Technology Ltd,
and PPCS Ltd have announced a joint venture which has been established to
develop automation that will enhance the performance of PPCS's boning room.
 Both companies are leaders in their industries - PPCS in the marketing of
processed meat products and Scott Automation in the design and manufacture
of automation solutions, including robotics, for industry.

The first stage of the joint development has pioneered a fully automated
robotic system that can bone two legs of lamb from the pelvic aitchbone
every thirty seconds.  The process involved re-engineering the method that
replicated a hand and arm with significant technology development for
application in the meat export industry.  Successful testing earlier this
year of the first development phase has progressed to installation of the
complete cell to be installed prior to Christmas.    The system will be
smart enough to sharpen, clean and change its own knives and the technology
would be offered for sale to competitors and other non-red meat industry

Worldwide interest in the system is expected from pork, beef and venison
processors.  A patent application to protect the intellectual property that
is owned jointly has been filed.

Benefits envisaged from such automation includes:

- Improved yield - more meat is taken from the bone, meaning better returns
for farmers.
- Greater consistency - every piece of meat cut from the bone is exactly
the same.
- Improved safety by eliminating manual processes that can be strenuous or
- Competitive edge.  By reducing processing costs, New Zealand farmers will
remain competitive internationally.