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12:00AM, 7 Nov 2001 | GEN

The Directors are pleased to announce several positive developments.
Subsequent to the year end result announcement and the recently secured $5
million order for a robotic production system for an Australian customer,
Scott Technology has secured several further orders and agreements.

Scott Technology's Christchurch based appliance business has secured a
purchase order valued at $1.6 million to supply an appliance manufacturing
system into the United States of America. This order follows immediately
after the successful conclusion of a previous project for the same US

Scott Technology's Christchurch appliance business has also reached agreement
with a Chinese customer for an appliance manufacturing system. The system is
valued at $2.2 million and, again, follows immediately behind the recent
successful conclusion of a previous project for the same customer.

Scott Technology's Dunedin subsidiary, Scott Automation Ltd, has reached
agreement with a New Zealand customer within the primary industry to develop
and provide a range of process automation systems. The agreement has an
initial focus upon the development of one system valued at over $1 million.
This should lead onto the supply of multiple systems and the development of
further systems for other processes.