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12:00AM, 16 Aug 2001 | GEN

Scott Technology  advised that it has established a new, wholly owned
subsidiary, Scott Automation, which is the beginning of a new business
direction for the Dunedin division of the company.
Scott Automation will focus on applying the group's technology and automation
experience to non-appliance industries.  This will be a stand-alone operation
headed by Andrew Arnold, who becomes GM.  Scott Automation will have its own
Board of Directors whose Chairman will be Graham Batts, former MD of Scott
Over the past two years, the Scott Technology Design and Manufacturing
facilities in Christchurch have been substantially increased and appliance
design and manufacturing will be principally undertaken at the dedicated
Christchurch complex.
Scott Automation will focus on developing automated solutions for basic
industries, including the smelter, timber, industrial manufacturing, food
processing and primary industries.  Projects are currently being developed
for clients in this industry group.
Kevin Kilpatrick, the CEO of Scott Technology, stated that the development of
Scott Automation as a separate business unit was a carefully developed
strategy to widen the scope of the company's business.  The company is going
through a flat period, with the downturn in the U.S.A. and South American
economies restricting the level of capital expenditure emanating from
appliance manufacturers in those markets.  The company's short term trading
is being affected by this downturn in the U.S.A. economy and unusual levels
of competition world-wide.  However, the Directors and Management are
confident of the potential for both business units in the medium term, with
the company remaining in a strong financial position.
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