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SSH - (Estate James Ian Urquhart)

11:16AM, 28 Oct 2010 | SSH

Disclosure of ceasing to have substantial holding
Section 25, Securities Markets Act 1988

To: NZX Limited

And: Scott Technology Limited

Date this disclosure made: 28 October 2010

Date last disclosure made: No record

Substantial security holder(s) giving disclosure

Name(s): Estate James Ian Urquhart
Contact details: Patrick Lee, 03 3793433,

Date on which substantial security holder(s) ceased to have substantial
holding: 28 October 2010

Summary of previous substantial holding to which disclosure relates

Class of listed voting securities: Ordinary Shares
Summary for: Estate James Ian Urquhart

For last disclosure,
(a) total number held in class: 4,938,327
(b) total in class: 31,322,369
(c) total percentage held in class: 15.766%

For current holding after ceasing to have substantial holding:
(a) total number held in class: Nil
(b) total in class: 31,322,369
(c) total percentage held in class: Nil

Details of transactions and events giving rise to person ceasing to have
substantial holding

Details of the transactions or other events requiring disclosure under the
instructions to this form: Transfer made by the trustees of the Estate James
Ian Urquhart to the trustees of the
James Ian Urquhart Trust in terms of the Will.

Additional information

Nature of connection between substantial security holders: N/A
Address(es) of substantial security holder(s): N/A

Name of any other person believed to have given, or believed to be required
to give, a disclosure under the Act in relation to the securities to which
this disclosure relates: N/A


I, Patrick Joseph Lee, declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief,
the information contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly
authorised to make this disclosure by
all persons for whom it is made.