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12:25PM, 8 Oct 2010 | FLLYR

Dear Sir/Madam



The Directors of Scott Technology Ltd are pleased to report that the company
produced a profit before tax of $5.5 million on operating revenues of $46.6
million for the year ended 31 August 2010.  This result is particularly
pleasing having been achieved during turbulent economic times. This year's
profit compares to the previous year's profit before tax of $0.4 million and
operating revenues of $31.3 million.

Our underlying net profit after tax on operating results for the year was
$3.9 million compared to $0.3 million in 2009. The underlying profit in 2010
was reduced by a tax adjustment of $1.1 million for a tax change on building
depreciation that accumulates over the next 50 or more years but is required
to be adjusted in the current year.  This adjustment is required by
accounting standards, has not occurred in the past and is a non cash
adjustment.  The net result after this unusual tax adjustment is not
indicative of the performance of the company.

Total shareholders equity at 31 August 2010 was $21.4 million, compared to
$19.2 million at 31 August 2009.

Operating cashflow of $4.5 million has enabled the company to reduce debt,
purchase additional capital equipment and pay dividends.  The company is
supported by a strong balance sheet with total assets of $36.6 million, and
total bank loans of $3.9 million.


A fully imputed final dividend of 4.0 cents per share has been declared by
the Directors in respect of the year ended 31 August 2010, payable 3 December
2010.  An interim dividend
of 1.25 cents per share was paid in March 2010, bringing the total to 5.25
cents per share for the year.  This is in addition to a 1 for 10 non-taxable
bonus issue during the year, which also participated in the dividends. The
total dividend of 5.25 cents is an increase of 425% over prior year and
represents a payout of 59%.  This reflects the Directors' confidence in the
growth and trading ability of the company, supported by the underlying
strength of the company's balance sheet.  The Directors intend to implement a
Dividend Reinvestment Plan.
The final dividend of 4 cents will be eligible to participate.

Last year we commented on survival, this year we have seen growth:
 Growth in revenue
 Growth in profits
 Growth in the markets for our products around the world

Scott Technology is a highly skilled engineering company which specialises in
custom design and build of automated and robotic production systems.  We are
world leaders in our niche
markets and we supply production systems to many of the leading international
companies spread around the globe.

Each of our markets responded differently to the global economic crisis and
this required us to be selective in our focus. Benefits of the company's
diversification are now being realised
and opportunities continue to arise in all our target markets through
providing superior service and innovative solutions.

Our company vision, "To be the Global Innovator in Automation", has kept us
focused on developing technology and smart solutions to build a sustainable
business.  Our commitment to innovation is most visible in our expenditure on
research and development.  Due to the unique nature of our business, much of
our activity can be classified as research and development.  The company
spent close to $7.0 million on research and development over
all activities during the year.

A key to our achievements over the past year has been our strategic
relationships with customers. This has enabled us to work together, to
innovate, and to drive successful outcomes for both our customers and

During the year we focused on spreading activities across our multiple
manufacturing sites to achieve effective resource utilisation and improved
outcomes (shorter deliveries) for our

We are confident of achieving further progress in the year ahead and taking
advantage of growth opportunities that exist.

Yours faithfully

Stuart J McLauchlan Chris C Hopkins
Chairman      Chief Executive