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Scott Technology Ltd Relint Notice

12:00AM, 6 Nov 2008 | RELINT

Initial Disclosure Notice
Disclosure of Directors and Officers Relevant Interests
Section 19T(1), Securities Markets Act 1988
A Details of director or officer
Name of director or officer of public issuer: Gregory William Chiles
Name of public issuer: Scott Technology Limited
Name of related body corporate (if applicable):
Position held in public issuer: Chief Financial Officer
B Securities in public issuer or any related body corporate in which director
officer has relevant interest
Number, class, and type of securities:  1
C Nature of relevant interest and name of registered holder
Nature of relevant interest in securities: 2
Name of registered holder of securities 3
Gregory William Chiles
D Date on which obligation to make this disclosure arose: 4 31/10/2008
E Signature
Signature of director or office:
Date of signature: 6/11/2008
Signature of person authorised to sign on behalf of director or office:
Date of signature:
Name and title of authorised person:
Use this form to disclose the relevant interests in securities that a
director or officer of a
public issuer has in the public issuer or a related body corporate. The
disclosure must be
made within 5 trading days of--
                       (a) the listing of the public issuer; or
                       (b) the person's appointment as a director or officer

Provide the information required under heading C for each type of security
under Heading B.
This notice must be signed by the director or office making the disclosure,
or by a person
authorised by the director or office to sign  on his or her behalf. 5
1 Regulation 6B.
2 Regulation 6A.
3 Regulation 6A.
4 Regulation 6C.
5 Regulation 14.