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Annual Report

12:00AM, 2 Nov 2007 | ANNREP

Scott Technology Limited (SCT) has provided a copy of their Annual Report for
the year ended 31 August 2007.

29 October 2007

Section 209 Notice:

Dear Investor

Section 209 Notice - Scott Technology Limited Annual and Half Yearly Reports

In accordance with changes to the New Zealand Companies Act (in June 2007),
companies are no longer required to mail to investors printed copies of the
Annual Report or Half Yearly Report.  The enclosed Annual Report for the year
ended 31 August 2007 is the last printed Annual Report we will automatically
mail you.  The company has not prepared a Concise Annual Report this year.

Next year our interim report  for six months ended 29 February 2008 will be
available on our website ( in April 2008 and our Annual
Report for the year ended 31 August 2008 will be available on our website
( in November 2008, from which you can obtain a copy.  We
will send a notice advising when the 2008 Annual Report is available and how
you may obtain a printed copy, in November 2008.

Notwithstanding that these reports are available electronically; you have the
right to receive, upon request, a copy of the next Half Yearly Report and the
Annual Report, when available.

If you wish to receive a printed copy of these reports next year and
subsequent years (free of charge), please tick the box below and return this
form to the registry, Link Market Services, either by:
        mail in the reply-paid envelope provided
        fax to (03) 308 1311
        scanning and emailing it to:

You can also elect to receive your investor communications by e-mail by
providing us with your e-mail address in the space provided below.  If you
have any questions about changing how you receive shareholder communications,
please contact Link Market Services on (03) 308 8887.

Shareholder Name
Shareholder Number
Shareholder Signature

        I would like to receive a copy of the annual and half yearly reports

        Please mark this box with a tick (4) if you wish to receive a printed
copy of Scott Technology Limited's Annual Report and Half Yearly Report each
year when available.  Should you wish to change your election you need to
advise the registry in writing.

        Please communicate to me by email to the email address provided

Please Return This Form In The Reply Paid Envelope Provided

Per Section 26(1) of the Securities Market Act 1998, as at 24 September 2007
details of the substantial security holders in the company and their relevant
interests in voting securities are provided below.  The total number of
voting securities of the company as at 24 September 2007 was 24,964,193.
Name of substantial security holder     Number of Voting Securities
Silveracres Nominees Limited    4,440,000
James Ian Urquhart      3,000,000
Walker Capital Management Limited       2,308,998