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12:00AM, 18 Oct 2007 | FLLYR


Reporting period: 12 months to 31 August 2007
Previous reporting period: 12 months to 31 August 2006

Amount (000s); percentage increase

Revenue from ordinary activities:                   29,536;            7.5%
Profit from ord activities after tax:                3,042;           1157%
Net Profit attributable to security holders:         3,042;           1157%

Final Dividend:
Amount per security: 6.0 cents
Imputation credits: 2.955 cents

Record date: 23 November 2007
Payment date: 29 November 2007

The Directors of Scott Technology Limited are pleased to advise that the
company earned an audited operating surplus before tax of $4,655,000 on
operating revenue of $29.5 million for the year ended 31 August 2007.  This
compares to the previous years surplus of $392,000 achieved on operating
revenue of $27.5 million.

Total shareholders equity at 31 August 2007 was $18.0 million, compared to
$16.4 million at 31 August 2006.  The net working capital position improved
over the year and was $9.0 million at 31 August 2007, compared to $7.2
million for the previous year.  Operating cashflows remained positive at $0.5
million, but were affected by significant prepayments received from customers
in the previous year.  The balance sheet remains strong, with no debt and
cash on hand at year end of $3.5 million.

The Directors have declared a final dividend of 6.0 cents per share, bringing
the total dividend for the year to 9.0 cents per share.  This dividend
compares with a total dividend of 3 cents per share in respect of the year to
31 August 2006.  The dividend will be fully imputed and a supplementary
dividend will apply to overseas shareholders.

The Board continues to look to the future with succession planning well
underway.  During the year Mr Trevor Scott retired from the Board after ten
years of excellent service.  Mr Scott was appointed when the company
re-listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 1997.

Two experienced and capable independent Directors, Mr Christopher Staynes and
Mr Stuart McLauchlan, were appointed during the year.  In particular, Mr
Staynes brings appliance and engineering industry experience to the Board and
Mr McLauchlan brings financial and corporate skills to the Board.

The Board, along with a refocused management team, is very well placed to
take the company forward as a leading New Zealand exporter of world class,
value added engineering solutions.

During the year management concentrated on achieving set goals and
objectives.  A strong flow of appliance system work secured at various stages
of the currency cycles, provided a solid platform to build relationships with
some key, and some new, customers.  Expansion of our target market into
Europe, in particular, is producing good prospects and will assist in meeting
the challenge of a volatile exchange rate in our US dollar denominated

The Automation and Robotics Division is focussed on the development of our
high-tech, industry changing, automated meat processing systems.  These
systems, developed for our Joint Venture with PPCS Ltd, Robotic Technologies
Limited, are now operating in meat processing facilities in New Zealand and
Australia with more commercial projects planned and underway.  This work was
in addition to the completion of several additional straw filling machines
for the very successful innovative Unistraw company in Australia and the
United States.

Research and development work for Robotic Technologies Ltd is ongoing and
financial support has been secured from the New Zealand Government with a
grant of up to $3.5m over 3 years.  Australian support and assistance has
been received from the Australian industry body, "Meat and Livestock
Australia", along with several visionary meat processing companies.

The high value of the NZ dollar in relation to the US dollar remains a
concern but the company is in a position to offset some of this affect by
additional marketing in the Euro zone, improved cost control, and by
utilising global markets to improve manufacturing efficiencies.  Scotts have
positioned an additional executive in China to increase the effectiveness of
their offshore purchasing.

The current level of enquiry for appliance and meat industry projects
continues to be strong, although it is expected that many of these enquiries
will be progressively converted to orders throughout 2008.  Whilst it is too
early to predict results for the 2008 year, the Directors are confident that
the momentum achieved in 2007 and the current level of discussions with
existing and new clients will provide a solid trading platform for the

Yours faithfully

Graeme J Marsh                          Chris Hopkins
Chairman of Directors                           Managing Director