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12:00AM, 24 May 2007 | ASSET

24 May 2007

Listed Company Relations
New Zealand Exchange Limited
PO Box 2959

Dear Sir/Madam


As part of an ongoing strategy for the development and growth of Scott
Technology's automation and robotic business, the company is very pleased to
report that it has acquired a large industrial site in Kaikorai Valley,
Dunedin.  A new purpose-built facility will be established to allow further
development and expansion of our robotics, automation, and meat processing
technologies and for the company's Head Office.  The company is experiencing
considerable growth and has outgrown its current facility in Dunedin and this
development will provide an ideal base and working environment for growth.

Scott Technology Limited is developing its world class robotic automation
solutions from its Dunedin base and expects to increase employment and growth

The company's unique world leading technology has recently been recognised by
the New Zealand Government through their financial support and the technology
has widespread support from the New Zealand and Australian meat processing
sector.  An industry open day to showcase the first commercial application of
our meat processing technology is scheduled for 1st June at a meat processing
plant in Colac Victoria, Australia.  This important event marks the
progression from the R&D phase to commercialisation of our x-ray and cutting

Graeme J Marsh                                  Chris C Hopkins
Chairman of Directors                                   Managing Director