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D & O Disclosure Notice - Christopher Staynes

12:00AM, 23 May 2007 | RELINT


Disclosure of Directors and Officers Relevant Interests
(Section 19T, Securities Markets Act 1988)
A. Disclosure obligation (tick box to note which disclosure obligation
Initial disclosure (complete Parts A, B, C, D, F, and G of this notice)
Ongoing disclosure (complete Parts A, B, C, E, F and G of this notice) X

B. Preliminary
1. Name Christopher Staynes
2. Name of issuer Scott Technology Limited
NZX company code of issuer SCT
3. Name of related body corporate (if applicable)
4. Position you hold in the issuer or related body corporate Director
5. Date of this disclosure notice 23-May-07
C. Nature of relevant interest
6. Name of registered holder(s) of security (as required by regulation
6A(b) or regulation 7(b)) C.A. & C.J. Staynes Family Trust
7. Class and type of security (as required by regulation 6B or regulation 8)
8. Nature of relevant interest in security (as required by regulation 6A (a)
or regulation 7(a)) Beneficial
D. Date (for initial disclosure)
9. Date of disclosure obligation (as required by regulation 6C)
E. Transaction (for ongoing disclosure)
10. Date of last disclosure (as required by regulation 13) N/A
11. Date(s) of acquisition(s) or disposal(s) (as required by regulation 9)
16th, 17th, 18th, 21st & 22nd May
12. Number of transactions (as required by regulation 12(2), if applicable)
Seven separate transactions
13. Nature or type of transaction (as required by regulation 11(1)(a)) On
market trade
14. Consideration (as required by regulation 10) $65,192.16
15. Number of securities held prior, set out by class and type (as required
by regulation 8) Nil
16. Number of securities subject to acquisition or disposal (as required by
regulation 11(1)(b)) 30,000
F. Extent of relevant interest
17. Number of securities held now, set out by class and type (as required
by regulation 6B or regulation 8) 30,000 ordinary shares
Signature (as required by regulation 14)