Stories of Innovation - Meat Processing

For almost a century SCOTT® has lead the way in engineering excellence. Known as the “can do” people, our company is internationally recognised for its automation innovation, particularly in meat processing and appliance systems automation, and for its attention to detail. Customers know they are purchasing quality. These are just a few stories behind these innovations.

SCOTT Technology - the solution searchers

Andrew Arnold explains one of the driving forces behind SCOTT Technology's culture of innovation is its attitude to success.

The solution searchers

 It's one thing to have a clever idea for a client, it's another to turn it into a business activity. 

It's a ‘can do’ attitude, our team are always confident of finding a solution. I've seen some truly pioneering advances in the design and manufacture of automated production and process machinery come from that approach over many years.

Our vision is to be ‘the global innovator in automation.’ Our company is really good at recognising the importance of the right people and the training needed to do that and achieve technical excellence.

We have people on the ground who are skilled at recognising and pursuing new opportunities in automation. But we also know it's one thing to have a clever idea for a client, it's another to turn it into a business activity and see it through to delivery. So its crucial to have the whole team thinking the same way. We are made up of people good at what they do, who take pride in working together across the different areas of expertise to see the product through to being market ready.

I see that as a genuine team approach, one that allows our design and build experts to collaborate really well on difficult problems. And if we don't have the expertise needed for a particular project, we'll get it - finding the solution is the goal.

When you're confident you have the people behind you, you are then confident to commit to taking on any technical challenges - that's our way.