Industrial Automation

SCOTT® offers automation expertise to a wide range of industrial sectors world-wide, complementing its traditional appliance and meat processing automation operations to extend the reputation of SCOTT as world leaders in automation capability.

SCOTT's expertise includes specialist research, development & design and manufacturing, as well as advice on intellectual property and funding, to provide automation solutions across the board.

We have provided some innovative solutions to many different processing industries around the world. Some of our projects have included steel framing manufacturing lines, bracket assemblies for overhead doors, cabinet robotic welding systems for gaming machines, handling equipment for smelters, and water heater fabrication systems.

We regularly enter strategic partnerships with customers, often in the early stages of a customer's product development lifecycle where they are looking to develop an innovative and cost-effective solution. This provides the potential for long-term benefit to both parties. Customers/partners include manufacturers and individuals, along with universities and research organisations looking to commercialize their developed intellectual property.