Appliance Systems - Laundry

Laundry Systems

SCOTT® provide the laundry industry with equipment lines which manufacture washer cabinets from either panels or three sided wrap configuration, for either front or top loading variants. Additional systems to product front panels, base panels and back panels are also provided. Laundry cabinet assembly systems can either be integrated as a fully automatic configuration or a complete freestanding manual loading unit. The level of automation and manual processes can be varied to suit the customer's requirements.

Laundry manufacturing systems incorporate embossing, stamping, notching and piercing to form / fold a single panel or a three / four sided wrap (sides, front and/or back). Products manufactured in a laundry production system are processed from either pre cut blanks or coiled steel material to the customer's specification.

Laundry assembly systems incorporate clinching and welding equipment that are used in many assembly applications within SCOTT equipment. SCOTT Appliance Systems supply laundry manufacturing equipment to a world wide customer base.

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