High Performance LED Lighting

High-quality lighting for commercial and industrial applications. Cool-running, highly efficient LEDs in a customisable, modular lighting solution read more

NZ Innovators Awards 2015

SCOTT Technology wins NZ Innovators in Sustained Innovation Excellence Award with advanced automation systems for meat processing, mining, and the superconductor industries. Read more

Appliance Systems

SCOTT® design and manufacture large-scale automated manufacturing systems for major international domestic whiteware producers.
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Meat Processing

SCOTT® works with meat processors to develop and build smart automated systems that increase yield, enhance labour efficiency and improve product quality. Read more

Industrial Automation

SCOTT® research, develop, design and manufacture automation solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors worldwide. Read more

Sample Preparation

Laboratory Sample Preparation equipment and reference materials are designed and manufactured by ROCKLABS® for the metals and minerals industries.  Read more


Superconducting magnets, including Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) systems, are produced by HTS-110 for commercial and research applications.
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Scott Service

SCOTT® Service International services equipment manufactured by SCOTT's Appliance Systems and Meat Processing divisions worldwide.
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Scott Fabtech

SCOTT® Fabtech provides metal cutting and fabrication services, specialising in waterjet cutting, manual machining, and precision fitting and assembly. Read more

Scott Enclosed Belts

The flexible SCOTT® Enclosed Belt conveying system is designed to meet the most exacting global conveying demands for a wide range of industries. Read more

Kuka Robot

Innovators in Automation

SCOTT® Technology Limited is a New Zealand based, publicly listed engineering company that specialises in the design and manufacture of automated production and process machinery. We are widely recognised, as a world-class builder of advanced automation systems, particularly for the appliance, meat processing, mining and superconductor industries globally.

Stories of Innovation

World leader in automated lamb processing

Innovation is never more evident at SCOTT® than in its meat robotics developments. SCOTT® is leading the world in meat processing automation technology, its automated process revolutionising how carcasses are cut and processed within a meat processing plant.
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Featured Product

Waterjet Cutting

SCOTT® Fabtech utilise a high precision waterjet cutting system. This system can cut complex flat parts out of most materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, plastics, glass, ceremics, stone and composites. Read more